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Teak leather chair Maluku with rootstocks

Art.No.: 361R
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Teak leather chair Maluku with rootstocksLeather chair Maluku with a piedestal is made from teak wood of high quality.The surface has no adjustment, which lets the structure of the wood to excel. The dark brown buff harmonizes with the natural wood. The chair is very spacy and comfortable, especially made for passionate readers. It fits winter gardens, living rooms or terraces. Interior furniture made from solid woods from especially teak wood and other exotic woods. These woods are dried for the purpose of elimination of extra moist (Kiln drying). We offer the wood both without surface adjustment (natural surface of the wood) or with various surface adjustments (varnish, wax, pickling). Every piece is hand-made with the usage of traditional carpentry methods. We offer various structures of the wood - scrubbed, soft, wired or battered with hammer or chains, which makes old-looking effect.
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